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“Triumph - Production Testers Tales”


In this, his second book, completed just prior to his death in August 2011 Hughie recalls the time he spent as a production tester between 1960 and 1962. Triumph was riding on the crest of a manufacturing wave and could sell literally everything it produced, the machines produced at this time are considered by many to be the finest Meriden ever made. Every single machine that came off either the “Cub” track or the main production assembly dealing with the Twins was checked over and taken for an extensive test run by one of a team of testers who were enthusiastic motorcyclists in their own right. When Hughie joined the team he was only allowed to test the Tiger Cub models until the chief tester and the finishing shop foreman decreed that he could graduate to the big twins and he entered what he described as a very happy time in his life. This all came to an end in the late 60’s when rolling roads were installed and the testers work stopped forever. Many thought this was a retrograde step and that quality control suffered as a result, the start of a slippery slope.........

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